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Smith Bros Renewable Solutions



Smith Bros have always worked closely with many of the UK's leading manufacturers to provide the very best energy efficient solutions from indoor and outdoor lighting schemes to large scale solar projects. Most recently, we have been working to provide large scale solar PV and battery storage installations.

The UK government has set the global benchmark by enshrining into law a target of net zero by 2050 and is the first major economy to do so. Many more governments are expected to follow this move. In fact, the EU is now actively working on plans to also go climate-neutral by 2050. We believe that while the UK has net zero in place and the path ahead is not yet completely clear, businesses both large and small can start to navigate their own transition to net zero today and reap the benefits immediately.

Environmental awareness is increasing rapidly amongst the public and within the business community. In particular, many large and intensive energy users have seen this shift in opinion, felt the pain with ever-increasing energy prices and have also faced the brunt of many government decarbonisation policies and are therefore placing more emphasis on reducing carbon emissions and sustainability.

Our Aim

Whilst being proud of out track record as a trusted supplier to many prestigious projects we understand the complex demands on our clients is greater now than ever before, so we have brought together experience and expertise from a group of companies that together can design, supply, install and maintain a range of solutions aimed at helping both private and public sector businesses achieve more with their energy reduction strategies.

The Solution

The Smith Bros Renewable Solution is comprised of the core and supplementary technologies we stock, combined with the services we off and the power of our strategic partners. This network provides the unique position to offer a holistic package for sustainability. This covers Solar PV and tile, battery optimisation and storage, LED lighting, air conditioning and refrigeration optimisation, commercial gas boiler optimisation, and EV charging.